24 10, 2022

Tin'as Café, this mythical café "where the cook sings

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Tin'as Café, this mythical café "where the cook sings" 7 minutes from the Tour de Beaumont, in Saint-Fort-sur-Gironde. Distance from the gite : 11km/13 minutes by car. Address : 1 Pl. Pierre Henri Simon, 17240 Saint-Fort-sur-Gironde WEBSITE http://tinascafe.fr/ Created in 1995 on the Nonnes beach in Meschers, Tina's café is installed in Saint-Fort-sur-Gironde since March 2020. Tina's café, mythical café of Meschers on the Nonnes beach, has moved to a small town, in Saint-Fort-sur-Gironde. A new challenge for this place, which is conducive to artists' and writers' residencies, exhibitions, music or theater workshops, and writing workshops. It is also a café in the center of the village, open on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. You can find [...]

17 10, 2022

The best cognac in the world

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Le Domaine du Chêne The limited edition single cask cognac was named best cognac in the world in London. in May 2020. 1 minute walk / 600 m Address : 20 rue des Chênes, 17800 Saint Palais de Phiolin Tel : 05 46 70 90 53 / 06 14 90 47 21 Mail : contact@ledomaineduchene.fr Website : www.ledomaineduchene.fr 20 mai 2020 Saint-Palais-de-Phiolin (17) : Doussoux-Baillif cognac has been awarded the title of best cognac in the world in London The Doussoux-Baillif XO single cask limited edition cognac has been awarded the title of best cognac in the world in London. "London is a platform in the world of spirits, it is one of the international competitions which also concerns whisky, gin, tequila...", explains Joachim [...].

17 10, 2022

Talmont-sur-Gironde by the cliffs of Caillaud, from Barzan

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Talmont-sur-Gironde by the cliffs of Caillaud - Barzan The walk on the path of the cliff of Caillaud completes remarkably the visit of Talmont, but it is also a goal of stroll in its own right. The view on Talmont and the bay You will discover a superb view on the church dominating the estuary. This view alone justifies this beautiful walk. A little further, a few minutes walk away, a splendid panoramic view on the bay, the port, the village, the church and the estuary... If you have left your car in the public and obligatory parking of Talmont (LINK HERE Obligatory Parking, Talmont-sur-Gironde. 17120 Talmont-sur-Gironde) from the parking lots, you can join the path of the cliff : Take on foot [...]

17 10, 2022

Castle of Jonzac

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Château de Jonzac For a first visit to the Château de Jonzac, after having spent the day in the lagoon of the Antilles de Jonzac, we didn't have much time and the end of the day was approaching... So we took the picturesque medieval street of Champagnac, a porch stretches out to us (between the hairdresser and the real estate agency). Enter this street to find yourself propelled in the medieval era! The rue de Champagnac is one of the oldest streets in the city. This street is of medieval origin and was restored in 1998. Its charm is undeniable, you can walk on the cobblestones, pass under your tunnels, footbridges... A darker tunnel ? don't be afraid, continue [...]

17 10, 2022

The Tower of Beaumont

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La Tour de Beaumont Distance : 14 km/19 minutes by car Short hike / large space / viewpoint If the weather is grey or if you want to make an outing close to the gite, and you feel like making a short hike, with a beautiful view and a large space you can discover the Tour de Beaumont. Among the landscapes that border the estuary of the Gironde, you will find the burrow of Beaumont, overhanging the small road that leaves Port-Maubert and arrives at La Rive, the port of Mortagne-sur-Gironde. At the top of this burrow, the Beaumont tower is built, a lantern in the shape of a sugar loaf which, visible from far away, arouses curiosity. To see it, you have to [...]

17 10, 2022

Kayak and canoe day

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Kayak, canoe day Distance: 7km/10 minutes by car Sport and Leisure Outing - Canoe routes on the Seugne River On a splendid and relaxing course, live one of the most beautiful adventures of your vacations! Discover the mills, the islands and the meanders of the Seugne, along the water, rediscover sport and relaxation in circuits for all levels chosen and prepared with the greatest respect for nature. The Seugne is a river in the southwest of France and a left tributary of the Charente. The total length of the Seugne is 83,3 km1, which makes it the longest left bank tributary of the Charente in Charente-Maritime. [...]

17 10, 2022

Wonderful Saintes

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Wonderful Saintes Distance: 30 km / 29 minutes by car Abbeys and cloisters / Roman times / lively city / family or couple walk Saintes was founded more than two thousand years ago by the Romans and is a pilgrimage stop on the Via Turonensis of the Way of Saint James. The basilica of Saint-Eutrope is part of the world heritage "Les chemins de Saint-Jacques de Compostelle en France". It is a small city, so you can appreciate it very well on foot and take your time. It has a very rich and interesting heritage to visit and enjoy. It has the label of city of art and history since 1990. It is extremely useful to obtain the [...]

17 10, 2022

A restaurant in Saintes ?

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A restaurant in Saintes ? Our favorite restaurant, beautiful atmosphere and setting: La Musardière Address: 29 Rue Alsace-Lorraine, 17100 Saintes Open Monday to Saturday from 10am to midnight. Sundays open from 11am to midnight. Tel : 05 46 74 34 87 WEB SITE https://lamusardiere-saintes.fr/ In the heart of the pedestrian streets and the historical center of Saintes, La Musardière is a tea room, a burnery, a restaurant, a place for meetings and concerts, exhibitions and cultural activities. In a unique decor created by the artist Michel Ghougassian, Catherine and Gabriel, master roaster, offer local, French and Iberian cuisine, a dish of the day, desserts and homemade coffees. To be enjoyed in Marcel's small garden, and the courtyard [...]

17 10, 2022

Pons, the first capital of the Santon people

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Pons, the first capital of the Santon people Distance : 12 km/14 minutes by car Small village / walk / viewpoint Pons has a particularly rich history and a very ancient origin, which makes it one of the oldest cities of the department. It was founded before Saintes, Saint-Jean d'Angély, Saujon or Marennes, all cities of Saintonge, of Roman origin - and not Celtic (Santonne), whereas the majority of the cities of Aunis like Châtelaillon-Plage, La Rochelle, Surgères are of medieval origin. The distant origins of Pons go back to the dawn of the Protohistory period when the sheltered rock site on the edge of the Soute valley favored the sedentarization of the people [...]

17 10, 2022

The Paleosite

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Le Paléosite Centre de Préhistoire sur Néandertal Distance: 35 km/ 37 minutes by car Special for families with children - Prehistoric animations, interactive rooms, life-size reconstructions, movie theaters, indoor and outdoor trails, daily prehistoric animations and cultural events... Fantastic time machine, the Paléosite makes you live Prehistory, between - 15 billion years and - 35 000 years, on the tracks of Neanderthal ... On the program : cinema, reconstructions, interactive workshops and a nose-to-nose encounter with the Giants of Prehistory. Through the archaeological collections, get a little closer to the way of life of our distant cousins. Outside, stroll through the park of more than 10 hectares and discover the reconstructions of prehistoric habitats.

17 10, 2022

The Castle of Riddles

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Le Château des Énigmes Distance : 10 km/11 minutes by car Special for families with children - Treasures of Saintonge - Renaissance castle and shady park of 10 hectares - Escape game Le château des Énigmes is a family theme park which proposes to discover the magnificent castle of Usson and its park (10 hours) through a scripted adventure on the theme of Pirates. The game trail lasts about 3 hours and is designed for the whole family to have fun together. Through 27 stages, the players progress in the heart of a Pirates' story and have to face different challenges. Skill, logic, and above all good humor are the essential assets to succeed in finding the fabulous treasure of the pirate Jack Rackham! The course allows [...]

27 07, 2022

Want to go to the beach?

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Fancy a beach? You have a lot of choices when it comes to beaches. The first beach from the gite is in Meschers-sur-Gironde, a very pretty little village that offers other activities besides the beaches, such as visits to the troglodyte caves of Regulus and Matata, its restaurants, its port, etc. We particularly like the Plage de Nonnes for the simple reason that it is the closest, only 35 minutes away, but also because it offers the possibility to enjoy a snack on the beach, with your feet in the sand, ideal to enjoy tapas or seafood while watching the children playing on the beach without having to get up from the table!: the beach [...]

27 07, 2022

Port of Vitrezay

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Port de Vitrezay 17150 Saint-Sorlin-de-Conac : 30 minutes by car (27 km) Reception area to discover and book your activities Tel : 05 46 49 89 89 Mail : vitrezay@haute-saintonge.org Vitrezay is part of the Échappées Nature network, which gathers 50,000 hectares of fragile and exceptional natural spaces because of their flora and fauna, their landscapes, but also their history and those of the men and women who have developed them Vitrezay offers you a unique experience on a preserved site on the edge of the largest estuary in Europe, the Gironde! Boats, "carrelets" (small boats), waterways with a lot of activities for the whole family. Cruises with and without stopover to discover the estuary, initiations to fishing and [...]

27 07, 2022

Jonzac leisure center

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Jonzac Leisure Center Distance: 21km/24 minutes by car Swimming / adventure course / water activities / canoes Jonzac Leisure Center offers a wide range of activities to be enjoyed without moderation all year round. In addition to the walking paths for jogging or Sunday strolls, it offers a pond dedicated to fishing, welcomes gourmets to its restaurant and in fine weather swimming is supervised and free. But what is even more attractive are the summer activities: tree climbing, zip line, climbing, and many others that are supervised for maximum safety and fun. Balance in the air Among the most popular activities of the summer [...]

14 01, 2022

Customs officers' trail-Nauzan plage-Pont du diable

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A walk from Nauzan plage to Pont du diable A path to authenticity: the customs path is a small path that communicates between two worlds, between the pleasure of our senses and the understanding of our thoughts, between nothingness and reality. More than a path, it is an atmosphere, a cloud of emotions that mixes introspection, contemplation, joy and encounter with nature. Walking around and observing the boats casting off, the sailors at work in the morning, the seagulls flying around, recharging your batteries by contemplating the authenticity of this panorama, the knots and ropes, the masts, the engines, the fishermen. Stop time, a parenthesis to rediscover the beauty of the landscape. A whole history With the creation of the [...]

21 12, 2021

Message for the New Year 2022

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https://youtu.be/lF6yJHC1adw Très bonne année 2022 ! Nous vous souhaitons une très bonne année 2022, pleine de projets, de rencontres et de belles surprises !!  ♥ ♥ ♥ Beaucoup de bonheur, de douceur et de sérénité, ainsi que la réalisation de vos projets les plus chers !

26 09, 2021

Follow us on Facebook!

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Why subscribe to our Facebook page? To make sure you don't miss any of our news, tips, good ideas, and outings, join us on our Facebook page. Read our customers' comments, write on our Facebook wall. If you click on the button "I like the page" you will automatically be subscribed and you will be able to see our updates in our news feed. Our page has some nice surprises in store for you!

12 06, 2021

Good news for travel!

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Travelling to France in times of COVID-19 We are delighted to bring you the latest news on travelling to France. From Wednesday 9 June, the French government is making travel rules much simpler for vaccinated people. If you are coming from the UK or any other orange country and are fully vaccinated, you will be able to travel to France without compelling reasons, provided you can show a negative PCR test within the last 72 hours. And you will not be required to remain in quarantine in France on arrival. More details on international travel to France are given below. There are no restrictions [...]

15 05, 2021

Take advantage of the rain to close your eyes and listen to it fall, this is called meditation.

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"The sun is good, the rain is good, all noise is music. Seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting, touching, it is all a series of happinesses. Even sorrow, even pain, even fatigue, all have a flavour of life. Before the rain: today we finally went for a walk after weeks of confinement and curfew. We couldn't wait to get back to our coastline! First we drove 35 minutes to visit the beach of Saint-Georges-de-Didonne. After the short walk we drove back to visit the Plage de Nauzan, located between the communes of Vaux-sur-mer and Saint-Palais-sur-mer, only 5 minutes from the Plage du Bureau. It is a small beach of fine sand, very pleasant, protected from the sun.

11 05, 2021

Getting ready for the start of the season!

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Dreams come true Change of life, to be closer to the sea, to have more space and nature. It's true, it's great, but as summer approaches, the workload increases with all the preparations! We don't want to forget anything, we don't want you to miss anything! :D Today we had very nice weather and I took the opportunity to check the bikes, inflate the tyres, oil the chains, etc.... We are waiting for you in the beautiful Charente-Maritime ;)

10 05, 2021

Who are we?

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This blog is dedicated to our love for the Charente-Maritime. We will share all our favourite things with you! Valérie Mother of a little Gabriel (9 years old), I worked for 16 years in the Paris region as a Large Export Saleswoman in the field of Agro-Foods for the Large Distribution until the end of 2018. I then decided, in consultation with my family, to change my professional life and lifestyle. Today, I wish to match my desires, my needs and my interests. In love with nature, having travelled a lot and loving contact, I chose to become the manager of a domain of 4 rural gîtes in Phiolin. This professional reconversion, this project of Life, are not [...]

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