A restaurant in Saintes ?

Our favorite restaurant, beautiful atmosphere and setting:

La Musardière

Address: 29 Rue Alsace-Lorraine, 17100 Saintes

Open Monday to Saturday from 10am to midnight. Sundays is open from 11am to midnight. Tel : 05 46 74 34 87

WEBSITE https://lamusardiere-saintes.fr/


In the heart of the pedestrian streets and the historic center of Saintes, La Musardière is a tea room, a burnery, a restaurant, a place for meetings and concerts, exhibitions and cultural activities.

In a unique setting created by the artist Michel Ghougassian, Catherine and Gabriel, master roaster, offer local, French and Iberian cuisine, a dish of the day, desserts and homemade coffees. To be enjoyed in Marcel's small garden, and the courtyard of the Museum of Fine Arts of the Echevinage, the store or the bar and in the beautiful room on the second floor.



Every Saturday night, summer and winter: dinner concert with blues, reggae, jazz, folk or flamenco musicians.

The prices of the menus vary between 12 and 25 euros per person, depending on the chosen formula.


Remember to make your reservation by phone, if you wish, we can call for you to make your reservation, do not hesitate to ask us.





After having been successively an apothecary until 1917, a religious bookstore until 1990 and then an antique store until 2008, this house, which had undergone numerous restorations since the 15th century and belonged to the city since 1921, was falling into disuse... It adjoins a lovely little garden, known as "Marcel's Little Garden", and the beautiful courtyard of the Echevinage museum.


Gabriel Peña has been roasting coffee in Saintes since 1999 and owns the old "brûlerie du puit". He and his wife Catherine wanted to create a friendly, imaginative, creative, gourmet place open to all. La Musardière seemed to them "the ideal place" and for 4 years they worked in collaboration with the city of Saintes for an opening in June 2012.

A designer out of the ordinary

A long-time friend of Catherine and Gabriel, the visual artist Michel Ghougassian quickly became involved in the project, for which he worked for two years. Integrating all the desires, potentialities, obligations, and difficulties of the project and the place, he designed the layout, chose the floors, imagined the colors, conceived the logo, created and realized for La Musardière, unique, rich and warm works.